Hello Riders,

YOU WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO ENTER VIR without these certain forms. Please fill out these forms BEFORE you arrive at the gate to keep vehicles moving. We are also required to provide VIR with a complete list of all riders AND GUESTS that are allowed to enter the facility.


Forms required for entry to VIR for ALL persons
ANY PERSON entering VIR for this event MUST have these forms printed/signed and ready to provide to the VIR gate security personnel: COVID WAIVER and K&K RELEASE & WAIVER. This event will be closed to the public.

Entry Roster - please respond or you may not be able to enter VIR
VIR is limiting entry to participants and essential personnel only. "Essential personnel" includes crew members or other persons that will be helping you during the event. If anyone under 18 is accompanying you, they will need to fill out the attached Minor Waiver Form as well as the Parental Consent Form. (Both forms found in "VIR-Minor Waiver Form".)
PLEASE RESPOND WITH ANY NAMES OF PERSONS COMING WITH YOU TO THE TRACK. If they are not on the entry approved list provided to VIR, they may not be allowed to enter.

Air Fence - Volunteers and Trucks needed
AIR FENCE HELP NEEDED: We need two trucks with gooseneck hitches to help pull the air fence trailers. We also need volunteers to help deploy and pick up the air fence.
Please respond if you have a truck for us and/or can help with deployment and pick up. If we don't have volunteers, we don't have air fence!!

Please download and fill out your Medical/Tech Form PRIOR to coming to Tech. This will minimize contact between you and our Tech guys. You will be sent back to your pit area to fill out the form if it is not complete.
Please bring your stand to Tech and place the bike on the stand and move 6 feet away from the motorcycle during inspection. ALL BIKES MUST BE TRACK READY. Please read our Rider & Bike Tech Requirements. Our Tech guys will not be able to assist in preparing your bike. (No credits or refunds will be given if your bike fails Tech.)
Due to COVID, you will be required to show your expiration date in your helmet to our Tech guys. They will not be allowed to handle your helmet. Please keep the required 6 feet of social distance between you and the next rider in line for Tech.

All trailers and pit areas must be 10 feet apart. Masks are required when you are in contact with others outside your pit/paddock area. (You do not have to wear a mask around your pit/paddock area when it’s only you, your family & crew.) Helmets with face shields lowered are considered PPE so no mask is needed.

Rider’s Meeting
Rider’s meeting will be done by the PA system. During the rider’s meeting, we ask you to turn off your generators and compressors as a courtesy to others.

Classroom - Masks Required
When in the classroom (whether you are there for Beginner Class or just stopping in) you MUST be wearing a mask.

Tire Service
Tire Service will be provided by Stickboy Racing.

Finally, please read the VIR Suggestions for Paddock Operations. Note that a helmet with a closed shield is considered appropriate PPE equipment.

To do for all riders:
1) Respond with any names of other persons coming to the event with you. If a name is not on the list provided to VIR, they may not be allowed to enter.
2) Any person entering VIR (whether they are riding or not) MUST have the two forms printed & signed to give to VIR security at the gate. (COVID WAIVER and K&K RELEASE & WAIVER)
3) Please download and fill out the Medical/Tech Form to have completed PRIOR to coming through Tech the morning of the event.
3) Please respond if you have a truck with gooseneck hitch available to use for air fence deployment & pick up.
4) Please respond if you will be able to help deploy and pick up air fence.

We understand the difficulties that COVID has caused everyone. We thank you in advance for your attention to this email and details to make this a spectacular event!

Best Regards,
Cornerspeed Staff