BMW MOA Special Event

Monday, September 14th, 2015
Virginia International Raceway - South Course

VIR South CourseCornerspeed is hosting the 2nd Annual BMW MOA Track Event at VIR on the South Course on Monday, Sept. 14th, 2015! Come ride the exciting 1.65-mile South Course and experience VIR's own mini corkscrew! Students will have all day classroom and on-track instruction with Cornerspeed Instructors.

Grouping & Pricing
Cornerspeed fully accredited school and Track Days for Intermediate and Advanced riders available.
Registration Forms: Register Online | Download Registration Form
Student = $450.00 (Save $40!)
Student (w/ Military discount) = $400.00 (Save $90!)
Track Day Groups = $175.00 (Intermediate/Advanced)

Gear Requirements
Either one or two piece leathers are preferred (no chaps) or a Gore Tex, Cordura or Kevlar type of suit with armor (no Kevlar reinforced jeans), leather boots, leather gloves and a full faced helmet which is undamaged and 5 years or newer. Joe Rocket "Phoenix" or similar ultra lightweight or mesh suits are not acceptable.

Bike Requirements for STUDENTS ONLY
-You need to have fresh tires on a positively leak free bike with good brakes.
-You will need to disconnect your taillights and brake lights, and also tape over them with non-clear tape. (We require you to tape
 over them in case of a fall to avoid glass being shattered on the track.)
-Please remove your mirrors.
-In lieu of safety wiring, we only require students to use the Hi-Temp RTV Silicone (found at any auto parts store) on their oil fill caps and oil drain plugs. This keeps them from backing out and the silicone can easily be removed after the school.
-We don't require coolant replacement.
Silicone ProductSafety Wire Filter

Track Day Riders must adhere to our normal bike requirements:
-Bikes must have oil fill cap, oil drain plug, and oil filter safety wired. (See Safety Wire Basics for help)
-Liquid cooled bikes must run water only or racing approved coolant only, no anti-freeze. The racing approved coolant must be approved by WERA or CCS. Motul's product MoCool is approved by both CCS and WERA.
-Remove mirrors, tape over all glass and lights AND tape over the speedometer. You do not need the speedometer on the racetrack. It is an unsafe distraction.
-Tires must be Sport or Race compound with good tread depth. New tires are recommended.
-Please remove all previous Tech stickers from any/all organizations BEFORE coming through Tech. If you have stickers that are not removed, you will not pass Tech and you will be asked to remove them before coming back through Tech.
-Side stand must be secured in the up position using safety wire or zip ties. We prefer that you remove it but it is not required. You are required to have the stand secured in the up position before going onto the racetrack. Center stands must be removed.

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