What time does everything start? 7am but the main gate will be open at 6:30am. Get there early. It will be a full day. Tech opens shortly after 7am, Mandatory Rider's Meeting is at 8:00-8:15am and school starts at 8:30am.

Where do I tech my bike? The tech shed is the small red barn-looking building between the main scoring tower and the restaurant. You will take your completed medical form, your bike and your helmet with you to the tech area. All pre-registered riders will be on a list. Students will have a designated line (usually on the right) - All other riders will use the line on the left.

Where's the classroom? The classroom is in the main scoring tower next to pit road. You will see a Cornerspeed banner that states "Student Parking". The classroom is just inside the door.

Do I park my bike in front of the sign that states "student parking"? Yes. After you have gone through tech, you will park your bike next to the classroom under the "student parking" sign. You will want to have your bike, rear stand and gas can with you. We provide Motul chain lube and cleaners for you to use between sessions.

What's the normal schedule? Registration opens shortly after 7am. Rider's meeting will be at 8:05am. First session rolls at 8:30am. Standard lunch break from noon until 1:00pm. Sessions resume at 1pm and go til 5pm. The student mock race takes place between 5:10pm and 5:30pm. THE RIDER'S MEETING IS MANDATORY AND WE ARE CRACKING DOWN ON LATE ARRIVALS.

What happens if I'm late and don't attend the rider's meeting? The rider's meeting is MANDATORY and very important. If you do not attend the rider's meeting, you will not be allowed to ride until you can be given the day's details by an instructor. Keep in mind, if the instructors are working, you will be waiting in the pits until we have time to go over all the information with you. This if for your safety and all of your fellow riders.

What time does school start? School will begin around 8:30am so get to the track early and prepared. If you need tires, you will need to be at the track by 6:30am, remove your own wheels and make sure you can get them reinstalled before class begins. Our tire crew will give students priority in getting tires changed first thing in the morning. Due to liability, we can only change your tires and balance them. We cannot install the wheels for you.

How do the riding sessions run? Our typical schedule is seven 18-minute sessions for each group (Riderschool, Sport Enthusiasts (2 groups) and Advanced Enthusiasts/Racers). These sessions run all day back to back with a one hour break for lunch. We reserve the right to modify or amend the schedule as needed due to conditions and/or weather.

What time does the first session go onto track? 8:30am. We operate our school and track days just like a pro event. Our events are very consistent. 99% of the time, you can set your watch by our schedule.

Is there a gate fee? Gate fees are only applicable at Friday events preceding race weekends. CCS charges EVERYONE $35.00 to enter the facility. If you arrive Friday, the gate fee is $35.00 CASH ONLY, but if you leave the facility by 7:00 pm Friday night, you will receive a $25.00 refund. THURSDAY EVENING RATES: The fee for Thursday evening is $45 per person ($35 gate fee plus $10 to cover overnight security). If you come in on Thursday night REGARDLESS OF HOW LONG YOU STAY, you will be charged the additional $10 which is not refundable. If you are not staying for the weekend and depart before 7:00 pm on Friday, you will be refunded $25 if you turn in your wristband at the gate.

What are the tech requirements? Race bikes must pass race tech. Students and Sport Enthusiasts must pass our normal tech requirements.

Will there be tire support (tire vending and tire changing services)? Yes - we provide tire vending and mounting & balancing services. Cornerspeed is a proud supplier of Dunlop Tires. Mounting and balancing is included when you purchase tires from us.

Will VIR be open the night before events for set-up or camping? If you wish to leave your bike trailer at the track, you can. You must arrive between 5:30pm and 6:30pm the night before the event. No earlier by request of V.I.R. to be courteous to the renter of that day. The main gate closes at 7pm and you must be out by then. Camping is available - VIR will collect $35 per tent and $50 per RV. They may also collect an electricity box fee of $25 if you choose to use one.

What about hotels near the track and directions? Please see our Hotels & Directions page.

I don't have a racing license and I have not completed an accredited school but I've done some track days, can I ride at your track days? Please see our page on Rider Groupings to see what for what group you may qualify.

If I've been doing track days, why should I take the school? There's a lot of good reasons. For one, now that you've done a few track days, you've probably started to find out why it's difficult and challenging to go fast on a motorcycle. Our classroom theory combined with the on-track instruction will help you sort out many of the questions you have. Our on-track instructors will work with you throughout the day helping you every step of the way. By the end of the day, many of the questions you came with will be answered. Another good reason for taking the school is getting accredited so you can ride track days just about anywhere. Other organizations like Cornerspeed will honor your diploma and allow you to ride track days and open practices with them. Without a diploma, you're limited in your opportunities to ride various tracks.

I need to get re-certified or get an updated diploma - how do I do that? If you need a copy of your original diploma, please email us and we can mail it to you.

Most racing organizations require that you have taken an accredited school in the last 12 months to apply for a race license. If you need to get re-certified to obtain your race license, please read this information first:

  • You must have taken our Riderschool in the last 24 months AND you need to have continued to ride with us (minimum of 4 events per year since the school).
  • You will need to sign up for one of our track day events so that an instructor can ride with you and evaluate your riding.
  • You will need to re-take the written exam at the end of the track day (taken with the Riderschool).
  • The re-certification cost is $45.00.
  • Please email us to schedule your re-certification.

If it has been more than 2 years since you took the school, or if you have not ridden with us since taking our school, you will need to re-take the full school.

Do we ride in the rain? Yes, rain or shine, we ride. You will be amazed at what a good day you can have while riding in the rain. Finesse and smoothness are the key. Many students have written back to tell us how much they enjoyed learning on a wet track. If you attend a school with some rain, chances are that you will never fear the rain again. Please note, we have a no refund policy and no credit policy due to weather. The ONLY time there will be a credit due to rain or inclement weather is if the track is deemed unsafe and completely shut down before the day begins.

Who is eligible to ride on an open practice day? For the Racer's Practice: These groups are open only to licensed racers with a current license or license pending renewal. There will be two separate groups in addition to the Racer Practice: 1. The Cornerspeed School 2. One Track Day group of Intermediate/Advanced Track Day Participants.

Do I have to, or can I pre-register for open practice? Yes, pre-registration is now required for the pre-registered price. VIR and CMP does not host practices. These events are held by private businesses such as Cornerspeed.

How much is open practice? Our 2014 price for open practice at Carolina Motorsports Park is $155.00 per rider per bike.

What are the tech requirements for open practice? For Racers: If it's a CCS weekend, you'll need to have your stuff up to their standards. If it's a WERA weekend, you'll need to have your stuff up to their standards. If you want to know the exact details, check your rulebook or call the racing organization for the definitive answer. Cornerspeed students can see our tech requirements by clicking here: Student Tech Requirements.

Will the track be open Thursday night for set up or camping prior to open practice? At Carolina Motorsports Park, yes.

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