Cornerspeed Track Days

Cornerspeed Track Days are for everyone.

Previously, we required all riders to have taken an accredited school before riding with us. We have modified our rules to allow experienced track day riders to ride with Cornerspeed. If you have never been on track, you'll need to take our school or come to one of our special events like the Ducati Fun Days where we offer an orientation school at no charge to new riders.

So whether you're new to the track or a seasoned track day rider, you can now ride with Cornerspeed!

Experience the track with Cornerspeed and ride with Cornerspeed's instructors as part of a regular track day. Many of our instructors are national champions.

Ride with the best!

Track Day Grouping (does not apply to Students taking the school)

Group 1 | Beginners = 0-5 track days
Group 2 | New Sport Enthusiasts = 6-10 track days (MUST provide proof of track days)
Group 3 | Sport Enthusiasts (Fast Intermediate) = 10+ track days (first time registrants must be approved by the office or evaluated by an instructor)
               (MUST provide proof of track days)
Group 4 | Advanced/Racers = Licensed racers or Advanced Sport Enthusiasts (first time registrants must be approved by the office or evaluated by an instructor)

*Please note that clubs such as NESBA furnish participants/members with online account listings of event participation. A print out such as this will qualify you to ride with us. Letters, faxes, and/or emails from your track day organization will also qualify.

Please note: IF YOU HAVE COMPLETED AN ACCREDITED SCHOOL and have proof of recent track day participation, you automatically qualify to ride in the Enthusiast Group or higher (based upon experience and skill). Please see below for a list of approved/accredited schools by CCS and WERA.

Approved/Accredited schools by CCS and WERA
Absolute Cycle/Ace Race School Mid-America Motorplex Riders School
California Superbike School Mid-Atlantic Roadracing Club (MARRC)
Champion Sportbike Club Midwest Cafe Racing Association
Chris Peris Riding School Motorycle Xcitement Racing School
CLASS Penguin RoadRacing School
Ed Bargy Racing School Racing Connection
Fast Track Riders School Ridesmart Motorcycle Schools
Fishtail Riding School RPM/Wizard Racing
Frank Kinsey Racing School Sportbike Track Time Pro School
Freddie Spencer Star Motorcycle School
Kevin Schwantz Suzuki School Team Chicago
Learning Curves Road Racing School Team Hammer Advanced Riding School
Lone Star Track Days Team Pro-Motion (ART Race only)
Longevity Racing School TrackAddix School of Speed
Longhorn Motorcycle School XCEL Trackdays


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