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Pit RoadThe Cornerspeed Level 1 Riderschool is a one day comprehensive school. Our emphasis is on bike control through turns and how to develop rhythm as a "pilot" (the correct term for a motorcycle rider/racer). We break down the parts and pieces of what it takes to "be smooth" (rhythm). We do not just tell you to "go out and be smooth", we EXPLAIN AND SHOW YOU HOW to be smooth.

We define and discuss types of turns, pavement and elevation changes, parts of the turn: entrance, mid-corner and exit, setting up for the turns and how to put it all together.

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Being relaxed and smooth on the bike is every rider's ultimate goal.

After that, it's easy to go fast!

Additional topics covered in the school (partial list): Flags and track etiquette, Basic suspension theory, Turn-in point, Steering input, Throttle control, Visualization, Body transitioning, Kneedragging (do’s and don’ts), Breaking down the track into parts and then putting it back together. You need to be well rested and alert to absorb the volume of information we cover in one day.


  • You must know how to ride a motorcycle and be familiar with the machine you are riding for the school. Cornerspeed is not a rudimentary class. We do not teach you where the controls are located or how to start your motorcycle. This is a high-performance riders school.
  • You should be comfortable at highway speeds. Just like on the highway in your car or on your bike, if someone is going 40 mph in a 70 mph zone, they can be a hazard to other drivers. While you're not expected to push beyond your personal limits, you should be comfortable on the straightaway at speeds exceeding 80 mph. If this is uncomfortable for you, we urge you to start with our Cornerspin course, build your confidence, and attend Cornerspeed once you are comfortable at interstate highway speeds of 70-85 mph.
  • If you are beginning to ride a motorcycle for the first time, we strongly urge you to attend one of the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) courses offered through many of the local community colleges throughout the country. These are excellent courses for all new riders. Cornerspin will be an excellent addition to your learning curve - whether you are a new rider or a very advanced rider. Once you've completed a beginner's course, have become absolutely familiar with your machine and have logged several thousand miles on your bike, Cornerspeed will open your eyes to a whole new way of riding. We will show you how to ride on a racetrack and do it safely.

This school is accredited and graduates can obtain racing licenses.

2021 rate for Carolina Motorsports Park (Kershaw, SC) = $425.00

TUITION INCLUDES (but not limited to):
Student Handbook, t-shirt, snacks, water bottle, lunch, sponsor discount coupons.


Hotels & Directions | Rider and Bike Requirements | Safety-Wire Basics | What to expect at a typical school day

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