Cornerspin 2.0

The next level!

Cornerspin 2.0Cornerspin 2.0 is a school designed to take your handling and control skills to the next level whether you ride street, track or dirt.
This school continues building the pyramid you started building at Cornerspin: Road Racing In The Dirt.

This school is for all types of riders with the Cornerspin/Cornerspeed emphasis on how these skills learned on dirt apply to bike control on asphalt (race bike, sport bike, cruiser, motard, dual-sport).

Here are a few things to look forward to during your training:
-Cornerspin 1.0 Review
-Downshifting AND turning under heavy braking (learning to use the clutch effectively)
-Transitioning and turning the bike quickly at higher speeds
-Lots of seat time!
-Going faster and NO coasting!

Find out more about Cornerspin 2.0 here!

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