At Cornerspeed, we honor those who honor us with their service.

We are approved by the US Marine Corps and US Army for the sustainment training requirements
for Advanced Motorcycle Operator Training.

Active Military Personnel are entitled to the following discounts:

Cornerspeed Riderschool = $75.00 Discount (not eligible at CMP)

Cornerspeed Track Day Participants = $25.00 Discount

Cornerspin: Dirt Training for Road Riding = $50.00 Discount for Tier 3 and 4 / $25.00 Discount for Tier 1 and 2

Military Buddy Discount for Cornerspin:
When you and another military friend attend the same Cornerspin school, you can each DOUBLE your discount! That's a savings of up to $100.00 EACH!

Maximum discount for any school is $100.00 per person. Cannot be combined with any other offers or specials.

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