Aaron Stevenson*, Cornerspeed Director and Chief Instructor

Aaron StevensonAaron is a life long motorcyclist who started riding at the age of 7. He has held an expert racing license since 1992. He has raced Vintage (Open-Superbike class) as well as Modern Supersport, Superstock, Superbike and Endurance. To his credit, he has one national championship and finished second-over-all several times in the WERA National Vintage classes. Known mostly for racing vintage superbikes, many fellow racers on modern bikes, when practicing or competing against Aaron on his Vintage superbike, found out first hand that "It's not what you ride but how you ride it".

As an instructor, Aaron is able to take complex theory and break it down into easy to understand information that students can apply to their own riding. His classroom teaching style is relaxed and fun but he's very serious about the knowledge students gain and how they apply it.

Aaron has worked as an AMA Pro Racing official (Superbike) and as a licensed FIM official (Sporting Steward and Clerk of Course). For 2005 and 2006, he was appointed as the National Steward (FMNR) for the U.S. round of the F.I.M. MotoGP World Championship held at Laguna Seca Raceway.

USA CyclingIn addition to his motorsports background, Aaron is also a life long athlete and highly accomplished in many sports. In his words: "The days of relying solely on your ability to go fast are gone. To be a top level motorcycle racer, you are required to maintain a much higher level of fitness if you want to win against the best." In an effort to be a complete coach and to mentor his motorsport athletes to a higher level, which means not only coaching motorcycle riding techniques but also coaching motorsport athletes in nutrition, strength and endurance, Aaron is a licensed USA Cycling Coach. His cycling history includes a state championship (Cat. I/II), competition in the US Nationals and a season of racing in Belgium.


If you are serious about getting the most out of your racing and training, you may want to consider hiring a coach. Aaron Stevenson is unique in that he can train athletes off the motorcycle as well as on the motorcycle. You can contact Aaron about training programs and private lessons at 704-332-3147 or email him at

Partial list of our on-track Instructors for 2018.
*Designates riders that have won national championships.

Ken Allen, Ron Barrick, Brian "XX" Broadstreet, Steven "XXX" Broadstreet*, Scott Carpenter*, Dan Cox, Jim Gaal, William Hendrix, Shane Hobgood, Brian Kcraget*, Brian King, Andrae Middleton, Pete Moravek, Jamie Ray, Jean Robitaille, Rob Suling, Mark Watkins, Jason Wood.


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