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What is Cornerspeed?
Cornerspeed is a rider's school for all riders. Whether you are the rider that commutes to work everyday, the rider that enjoys touring or dual sporting, or the rider that wants to do track days and/or go racing, this is the school for you. The skills you learn at Cornerspeed translate across the board to all types of riding. It's all about teaching you how to ride better so you can get the most out of every ride. You can continue your learning by attending other Cornerspeed events where we offer groups for Sport Enthusiasts and Racers. You can get a racing license if you want to race. You can continue commuting to work with a big smile on your face. Once you've done our school, it's up to you!
Who are Cornerspeed Students?
YOU are a Cornerspeed student. We have students from all walks of life and all age ranges. We believe that everyone can benefit from our curriculum. Once you've learned the basics, such as an MSF course, have been riding for at least a year, and are comfortable at highway speeds, you can be a Cornerspeed student. We have had students from 12 years old to 72 years young. It's all about your desire to be a better rider.
Do you have track days?
Yes, We always have track day groups at our events BUT on SCHOOL days (Lv1 Cornerspeed School), there will NOT be a Beginner Group for the Track Day. We WILL HAVE THE OTHER GROUPS--Intermediate and Advanced. Please see our requirements for riding in these Groups.
Are your track days like everyone else's?
No and here's why: At Cornerspeed, we do not use Control Riders. Our seasoned, expert School Instructors will ride with you and coach you. Many of our instructors have won national championships and have years of experience both on and off the track. We prefer to refer to this part of the day as a "Continued Education Venue" not just a track day. Remember, our instructors are available to assist you throughout the day. All you have to do is ask!
What is your format for groups?
Our standard format is four groups (18 minute sessions):
School (or Beginner for Track Day Only events), Sport Enthusiasts (This is our Intermediate Group which is divided into two groups to keep track density at a minimum) and Advanced Enthusiasts/Licensed Racers.

*Please see track day group requirements.

What about track density?
We do not over sell our events. On the north course at VIR, there will be approximately 30 riders per group. Safety is our number one goal. You deserve an uncongested track and we do what we can to keep it fun and safe for everyone. If you've already been to school and want to ride, then ride with us. Costs vary depending on the day and roadcourse. Track day prices for enthusiasts and racers are usually about half the cost of school. Requirements and registration forms are found under the menu on the left.
What if I don't ride a "sport bike"?
Many students that take the Cornerspeed school don't ride sport bikes. We see a variety of bikes at our school. Bikes such as Super Motards, Big Bore Dual Sports, naked bikes, and sport cruisers. The only bikes which we do not recommend are cruisers and large touring bikes. Whatever bike you ride that incites your passion is what you should ride at our school.
Do I have to intend on racing to attend Cornerspeed®?
Absolutely not. The majority of our students just want to be better riders. What you learn in class with Cornerspeed® will make you a better, safer rider on the street. Street riders find that they are smoother and more confident after attending a class with Cornerspeed. As always, we do not recommend high speed riding on the street. Save that for the track. Remember, a track day costs far less than an attorney and a traffic ticket.
What is the main emphasis of the school curriculum?
Our emphasis is on technique, smoothness and rhythm which is what every rider wishes to accomplish. We define and discuss types of turns, pavement and elevation changes, parts of the turn: entrance, mid-corner and exit, setting up for the turns and how to put it all together. Anyone can go fast in a straight line, it's how your corner that sets you apart from the average rider. Being relaxed and smooth on the bike is every rider's ultimate goal. After that, it's easy to go fast.
Where is the class and track day schedule?
You can find our schedule HERE.
Do I bring my own bike?
Yes. Many schools rent bikes for the day or the bikes are included with the price of the school but we would rather you ride the bike you know best, which is your own bike. That way, you don't have to spend the day learning to ride a different motorcycle. You can spend the day working on technique and improving your riding. By riding your own bike, you can readily feel and see improvements in your riding. When a student raises the point of not wanting to crash their personal bike, we respond by saying, "Slow down and ride within your limits." Finding your personal limit and your bike's limit is a gradual process and shouldn't be attempted in one outing. Take your time, enjoy the day, learn new things, take your body and bike home in one piece. When you finish the day, your knee pucks and tires should be the only things that have been on the ground.
How much does it cost and what's included?
The 2015 cost for Cornerspeed's Riderschool at VIR is $490 (North Course) unless otherwise stated or in conjunction with another offer. The cost of tuition includes but is not limited to the following: School handbook, t-shirt, lunch, water bottle & water/Gatorade throughout the day, energy drinks, discount coupons from our other sponsors, over 2 hrs. of track time, classroom lectures and one-on-one trackside feedback from your instructors.

Other pricing can be found on the registration forms for each event.

What is the school schedule for a typical day?
We start early. The gates open at 6:30am. Our registration and tech opens at 7am. After passing through tech (bikes and helmets), students will line their bikes up beside the classroom entrance to expedite going from the classroom to the racetrack. We get started shortly after 8am. Typically, you spend about 30 minutes inside for a lecture then a 20 minute session on track with your instructors each hour. Each on-track session focuses on the previous lecture so you work on the material that's just been discussed. If you're looking for the missing 10 minutes each hour, they are used for suiting up and talking to your instructors before and after each session. Wondering about the student/instructor ratio? We have a maximum of 3 students per instructor and many times our ratio is less than 2 students per instructor (24 students/14 instructors, you get the picture). If we're not in the classroom, we're riding on the racetrack. We break for lunch (included with your school tuition) around noon. When possible, we have a lunchtime guest speaker. Lectures and tracktime fill your day which culminates in an optional mock race at the end of the day. If it is raining at the end of the day, the mock race is replaced with a lecture on riding in rain and an on-track rain riding session. How many track sessions was that? Seven 20 minute sessions plus a mock race: that's a lot of tracktime!
I don't have leathers. Can I rent leathers?
Yes. We now rent the finest racing leathers made, Vanson Leathers. We have a variety of sizes but quantities are limited so make sure you reserve your set ahead of time.
Is there other gear that I can rent?
Yes, but the selection is limited. We have some boots and gloves for rent in limited sizes. Students renting the Vanson suits have first choice on our additional rental items. The back protector is included with the Vanson suit. We do not rent helmets due to liability reasons.
What is your policy on helmets?
HELMET REQUIREMENTS: We allow Snell, BSI or DOT approved helmets less than 5 years old with NO VISIBLE CRASH DAMAGE. CHECK THE DATE STAMP INSIDE YOUR HELMET BEFORE COMING TO THE EVENT. If your helmet does not pass tech, you will not be allowed to ride and will not be given a refund.

Where to find your production date:
-Scorpion: The production date is on a sticker usually under the center pad of your helmet.
-Shoei: The Production Date is located on a sticker under the center pad of your helmet. For example: 130919 means September 19th of 2013.
-Arai: The manufacturing date for your Arai helmet can be found stamped on your chinstrap or on the sewn-in label tag on some models.
-Other models please contact the manufacturer.

Can I buy tires and get them changed at the track?
Yes. Cornerspeed has its own tire truck to mount and balance your tires! We stock a variety of sizes of DOT race tires. Mounting and balancing is included when you purchase tires from us.
I took a track school 2 years ago, but haven't been on track since. Can I still ride?
Knowledge unused is knowledge lost. If you did a school two years ago and did not continue to do track days, then most likely you've forgotten the flags, track etiquette, procedures and protocols. You will be required to either ride in our Beginner Group (when available) or re-take the school. This is for your safety as well as those who ride with you.

Please see our requirements for what group you are eligible to ride in.

I need to get re-certified or get an updated diploma - how do I do that?
If you need a copy of your original diploma, please email us and we can mail it to you.

Most racing organizations require that you have taken an accredited school in the last 12 months to apply for a race license. If you need to get re-certified to obtain your race license, please read this information first:

  • You must have taken our Riderschool in the last 24 months AND you need to have continued to ride with us (minimum of 4 events per year since the school).
  • You will need to sign up for one of our track day events so that an instructor can ride with you and evaluate your riding.
  • You will need to re-take the written exam at the end of the track day (taken with the Riderschool).
  • The re-certification cost is $45.00.
  • Please email us to schedule your re-certification.
Can I order a gift certificate?
Yes you can! Simply fill out the Gift Certificate Request and mail or fax it over. We'll send you a personalized gift certificate via mail or email. Gift Certificates are good for one year from the date of purchase.

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